Maxshine Hurricane Car Dryer – Single Motor
Maxshine Hurricane Car Dryer – Single Motor
Model: LP580

Product Introduction


The Single Motor Car Dryer packs a large punch in a small body. Equipped with  a 5.5HP Motor and the capability of eliminating those frustrating water drips  from the body of the vehicle.


16ft Power Cord with a 16ft Flexible Hose

Small, Lightweight, and Portable

Stable Construction and Easy to Operate

Large 5HP Motor

Increase Room Temp by 30° for Quick Drying

Variable Control Panel to Adjust Air Flow and Temperature for Delicate Surfaces

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Horsepower Air Fio FPM Hose Length Speed Option Cord Length Warranty Time Watts(US/UK)
LP580 5.5HP via a Single Motor 43,500 FPM 16”/ 5M Hose Variable Air Speed Control 16”/ 5M Power Cord 1 Year Warranty 1600/2800
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