Car Wheel and Carpet Brush
Car Wheel and Carpet Brush
Model: 7011016

Product Introduction

Material: PP handle and PVC bristles.

Maxshine wheel andCarpet brush is made from PVC material, which is chemical resistant, comfortand durable, will not be corroded by detergent or be deformed by scrubbing. Thiswheel brush cleaner will remove dirt and clean tyre with no dead angle, willnot damage your car paint, and always keep your car clean.

Long-handled tire brush that is designed toremove dirt, grime and previous tire dressings from intricate siping andside-wall design of modern tires.

Stiff bristles for a thorough, deepcleaning of tires and other rubber surfaces.

Plastic handle for secure grip with aconvenient hole for hanging storage.

This is a all purpose brush, perfect forcleaning tires and carpet on any sized vehicle, also suit for home, office,dorm room, and anywhere dirty carpet needs to be cleaned.

Backed by 100% guarantee that you arefully satisfied with your product or receive your money back.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Size
7011016 27×9×10cm
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