Soft RO Backing Pad
Soft RO Backing Pad
Model: 3061125(M14) & 3062125(5/8")

Product Introduction

Flexible and durable in design, the shinemaster rotary polisher backing plate is made from high quality materials to ensure the user an even a comfortable feel whilst polishing.

With a thick cushioning foam interface, the shinemaster rotary backing plate will ensure safety and consistent polishing results time after time.

The M14 / 5/8〃 thread and 125mm circular backing plate is suited for all rotary polishing machines and the hook and loop backing material grips to all pad types tightly.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Thread Diac Size Color Max OPM
3061125 M14 5″,125mm Red PU+White Foam 12000
3062125 5/8″
MATERIAL:Imported PU with soft edge which protect the pained surface safer.
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