Maxshine Mini Handheld Dryer
Maxshine Mini Handheld Dryer
Model: EVO-S

Product Introduction


The efficient 1.5HP motor increases air temperature, up to 25 degrees above ambient temperature, which provides faster drying

It’s filtered air is ideal for delicate surfaces like paint, chrome, and plastics

The ergonomic handle optimizes reaching every area in any orientation

Perfect for removing water out of all the hard-to-reach places like grilles, bumpers, vents, and wheels

More efficient and powerful, while remaining light weight





Maxshine Mini Handheld Dryer may be light and compact, but it packs a big punch. Ideal for safely and easily drying every bit of a vehicle, it comes with a handy 20ft/ 6M Cord and a choice of 2 nozzles to suit any job.

Detailers! Need to be quicker in the detail shop or when on the go with a mobile detail? Need to make a hand car wash or a car seat cleaning more comfortable? Detailing accessories aid in achieving a full-service car wash and mobile car detail. All aspects of auto detailing can be made faster and easier with the assistance of MaxShine’s Detailing Accessories.

Technical Specifications

Power Cord:6m(20ft)

Power: US 110-120V/10AMP, 1200W

Horsepower: 1.5HP with a single motor

Volume: 22000FPM, 90CFM

Rated Frequency: US 60Hz

Rated Input Power: 1200±8% W

Max Vacuum Degree: ≥24 Kpa

Max Airflow: ≥2.4 m³/min

Max Efficiency: ≥30%

Temperature Rise: ≤115K

Vibration: ≤20 mm/s

Noise: n≤98 dB

Life: ≥300 H

Spark: ≤2

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