• Brand new products
    Maxshine Mini Handheld Dryer

    Maxshine Mini Handheld Dryer may be light and compact,
    but it packs a big punch.

  • Brand new products
    Maxshine Detailing Brush
    Ultra Soft

    Provide a soft touch your auto detailing with MaxShine’s Ultra Soft
    Detailing Brushes.

  • Brand new products
    Maxshine Soft Leather & Fabric
    Drill Brush Set

    Easily lift and extract unwanted spots from convertible roofs, delicate carpets,
    and automotive upholstery and leather

  • Brand new products
    Metal Bucket Dolly-Black

    ALL NEW Storage Solution gives you durable mobility with your
    buckets during a wash

  • Taking care of your car
    Mini Cordless Polisher

    The Maxshine Mini Cordless Polisher
    is a compact 12v cordless dual action machine polisher.

  • Easily scrub and remove light dirt and grime
    Leather and Alcantara
    Cleaning Brush

    The Leather and Alcantara Cleaning Brush scrubs dust, dirt,
    and debris from carpets, floor mats, and upholstery.

  • The perfect addition to your garage
    Polisher Holder

    Finest Polisher Holder gives you a holder on your polisher,
    provides space for all types of polishers

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Maxshine are a professional company who specializes in the development of the long throw dual action polishers and other detailing tools

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