Detailing Brush Set – 3 Pack
Detailing Brush Set – 3 Pack
Model: 704610

Product Introduction

Auto Detailing Brush Set – Perfect for Detailing Intricate Surfaces
The auto detailing brush set comes in three sizes, made of high-density boar hair bristles that are soft yet durable and provide fast bend recovery, ideal for cleaning car engines, wheels, emblems, and intricate interiors.

Feature and Benefits:

Soft yet stiff boar bristles bend to clean intricate surfaces
Removing grime, dirt, and hard spots with a compound cleaner
Comfortable Non-slip handle offers seamless brushing action.
The hole on the top of the handle makes it easy to hang after use.

For optimal cleaning, pair them with cleaning compounds.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Size
704610 4# (25mm), 6# (30mm), 10# (40mm)
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