Premium Detailing Extension Microfiber IncrediStick
Premium Detailing Extension Microfiber IncrediStick
Model : 7011035

Product Introduction

Premium Quality: Crafted with lightweight, rust-proof aluminum and high-strength plastic, the IncrediStick is built to last.
Double-Duty Heads: Two removable brush covers included! Plush microfiber tackles delicate surfaces, while chenille conquers tough dirt and grime.
Bucket Ready: Fits perfectly into standard buckets with Sand Killers for easy clean-up and agitation.
Effortless Control: Secure the brush head with the top knob for maximum control and cleaning precision.
Simple Storage: Disassembles quickly for compact storage and travel.




Our premium car wash tool, the IncrediStick, it a telescopic car wash brush that conquers unreachable grime with ease. This premium aluminum pole extends to 47.24in, tackling rooftops, truck beds, and more. Two removable brush covers, microfiber and chenille, handle delicate surfaces and tough dirt, while fitting perfectly into standard buckets for soapy dunks. Disassembles for compact storage, making the IncrediStick your car-cleaning superhero!
Extend Pole
Don’t pull it to the bottom, stretch it back a bit & lock.Beneficial for uniform force distribution and increased strength.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Pole Length Pole Length Extended Length with Mitt Head Mitt Head Dimensions Plate Size Pole and Plate Material
7011035 63cm 120cm 138cm 26x13cm 23×11.4cm High Strength Aluminum
Package includes: 1pc extendable incrediStick, 1pc grey chenille headcover, 1pc red and white microfiber headcover
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