Professional Pet Hair Remover Brush
Professional Pet Hair Remover Brush
Model : 7011038

Product Introduction

Electrostatic power: Attracts and traps even buried hair with static electricity
Wet/dry use: Cleans both dry and wet messes for ultimate convenience
Built-in squeegee: Effortlessly removes hair from glass and countertops
Gentle on surfaces: Extra-large, soft rubber bristles prevent scratches and scuffs
Washable and durable: Retains shape and effectiveness after cleaning




The Professional Pet Hair Remover Brush is a multi-talented tool that zaps hair, lint, and dust from furniture, carpets, and even glass—with static power attracting hidden hair like magic. Flip it over, and you’ve got a gentle squeegee for smooth surfaces. Washable and scratch-free, say goodbye to hair tumbleweeds and hello to a sparkling clean car and home!



How To Use:
First, vacuum carpets or floor mats to remove any loose dirt and debris for optimal results.
Utilize the Professional Pet Hair Remover Brush to dislodge any stubborn hair.
Skillfully stroke the surface in a single direction to extract hair from carpet, clothing, and upholstery.
Harness the brush’s potential to accumulate a static charge, effectively attracting and capturing loose hair.
Collect any dislodged hair manually or with a firm bristle brush, then dispose of it appropriately.
Clean by rinsing with warm running water and a mild all-purpose cleaner.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Dimension and Weight Material Color
 7011038 26.5(L) x 4.8(W)cm, 0.11kg PP+TPE Black & Red
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