Mini Creeper With Soft Cushion
Mini Creeper With Soft Cushion
Model : 702309-HS

Product Introduction


With Soft Cushion increases comfort while sitting or kneeling

Great for adding mobility while kneeling or sitting

2″ scuff resistant casters-4pcs

Reach lower portions of any vehicle

Curved seat adds comfort and control

Polyethylene body and steel frame construction are lightweight and durable,Mini Creeper with soft cushion.



Enhance the comfort and convenience of your Mini Creeper. This Soft Cushion attaches perfectly to the seat, amplifying your comfort for those long detailing sessions.


The Mini Creeper features 4 casters for moving about at ground level. Kneel with comfort and roll with ease to reach low areas. The curved seat is ergonomically designed to enhance comfortability, With Soft Cushion amplifies your comfort, for those long detailing sessions.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Dimensions Material
702309-HS 50cm*30cm*11cm PPT30+Soft rubber polyether
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