Maxshine Soft Cushion for Modular and Mini Creeper
Maxshine Soft Cushion for Modular and Mini Creeper
Model : 702309-S

Product Introduction


Custom fitted to Modular and Mini Creeper Seat

Durable material and construction





Enhance the comfort and convenience of your Modular Detailing Creeper or Mini Creeper. This Soft Cushion attaches perfectly to the seat, amplifying your comfort for those long detailing sessions.

Detailers! Need to be quicker in the detail shop or when on the go with a mobile detail? Need to make a hand car wash or a car seat cleaning more comfortable? Detailing accessories aid in achieving a full-service car wash and mobile car detail. All aspects of auto detailing can be made faster and easier with the assistance of Maxshine’s Detailing Accessories.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Dimensions Material
702309-S 48cm x 28cmx 6cm Soft rubber polyether
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