Air Blast Vacuum Gun
Air Blast Vacuum Gun

Product Introduction


Power Vacuum and Air Dry
Boosts Vacuum Suction
Durable Construction
Increases Work Efficiency




With MaxShine’s Air Blast Vacuum Gun quickly remove dirt and debris from fibers that other vacuums leave behind. The unique cone shape and air blast mechanics add additional suction power to your vacuum and its easy attachment to an air source and a wet/dry vacuum will streamline your detailing work.

Detailers! Need to be quicker in the detail shop or when on the go with a mobile detail? Need to make a hand car wash or a car seat cleaning more comfortable? Detailing accessories aid in achieving a full service car wash and mobile car detail. All aspects of auto detailing can be made faster and easier with the assistance of MaxShine’s Detailing Accessories.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Speed Air Cons Overall Length Net Weight Air Inlet
ACG002 6000RPM 4.2cfm 12.5 inches 1.1lb 1/4”


Vacuum hose 1.8m

Vacuum adapter: 32-42mm w/Universal joint



Can be used as a regular vacuum head when air compressor is not attached.

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