MaxShine Snow Master Foam Cannon V2
MaxShine Snow Master Foam Cannon V2
Model : SMFC003

Product Introduction

Maintain a sturdy hold and perfect balance with the anti-slip grip and anti-tip base
When holding the bottle, there are hand grooves on the bottle to prevent slipping and provide a more comfortable feel.
Extended service life with the quality corrosion-resistant chrome plated copper materials
Wide diameter tubing limits the chance of blockages
Ultimate control of foam spray with 360° adjustment capability and smooth lance rotation.
Easy to maintain!With a pull pin release to access the gauze filter, you can easily clean or replace it as necessary without performing complicated disassembly. Helping to ensure a long and trouble-free service life.
Can attach to MaxShine 16oz bottles and others with 28/400 thread
High Transparent bottle helps you achieve perfect dilution.
Upgraded internal structure, updated tube and filters, resulting in more dense and stable foaming.
With a 1/4” connection this premium foam lance is ready to attach to almost any pressure washer. The top has a calibrated air intake valve to easily adjust your foam dilution ratio.




Our Snow Foam Wash Cannon blends performance and elegance. It is crafted from top-grade chrome-plated copper for exceptional corrosion resistance and longevity, while maintaining a stylish, modern appearance. Featuring a stunning 1L bottle with anti-slip grip and anti-tip base, this Snow Foam Wash Cannon is built for sturdiness. The transparent bottle factor allows you to see and achieve ideal chemical dilution. This premium cannon has advanced versatility through an internal thread which can connect to 28/400 neck bottles, including MaxShine 16oz bottles. Furthermore, the updated lance design allows for a vertical or horizontal spray, giving you full circular range. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to amp up your car detailing. Grab our Snow Foam Wash Cannon now and witness the expanded versatility for yourself!


Technical Specifications

Art.N° Capacity Inlet Requires Pressure Maximum Pressure Maximum Flow
SMFC003 1L(35oz) 1/4” Female 70BAR / 1000PSI 200BAR / 3000PSI 5.3GPM
  Material: Heavy-duty PET Clear Bottle With Moulded Grip
  Internal thread for connecting 28mm neck bottles
  Dimensions and weight: 6.65in (L) x 4.29in (W) x 10.63in (H), 1.52lbs
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