Snow Foam Cannon
Snow Foam Cannon
Model: SMFC001

Product Introduction

Touch less technology for safe pre-soak detailing.

Attaches directly to any pressure washer.

Accurately mix foam detergents to produce a thick, rich foam to lift dirt and debris.

Adjustable wide angle spray width.

Made with high quality brass and chemical resistant materials for maximum durability and performance.

Maxshine Snow Foam Cannon With a Small Wall Holder:

The snow foam cannon’s including a small wall holder for free

Use 2 matching screws to mount the bracket on the wall and hang the snow foam cannon directly on the holder.

It saves space and the snow foam cannon will be not dumping.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Material Cup Volume Requires pressure Maximun pressure Maximum flow
SMFC001 PP with copper 1L 70BAR – 1000PSI 200BAR – 3000PSI 5.3GPM
Complete with your choice of connectors.
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