MaxShine Mini Handheld Dryer Wall Holder
MaxShine Mini Handheld Dryer Wall Holder
Model : H14

Product Introduction


Universal Style: The modern design adds the look of luxury to any garage or shop wall

Durable: Constructed of high-quality carbon steel, with exquisite finishing. Sleek, waterproof, and very convenient, this holder keeps your handheld dryer well organized.



MaxShine Mini Handheld Dryer Wall Holder allows you to simply wall mount your car dryer for easy storage. This wall mounted holder is perfect for many car dryers on the market, but has been specifically designed for MaxShine’s flagship dryer. Two raised hooks provide secure stability for the body and nozzle, while a third hook offers a convenient spot for cord management. Make your life tidy, organized and efficient with proper storage from MaxShine.


Note: Handheld dryer are not included.



Mounting instructions with included hardware:

  1.  Determine desired location where you wish to install the Mini Handheld Dryer Wall Holder.
  2.  Using a level, make sure that the holder is flat and level against the wall.
  3.  Accurately mark the 2 anchor-hole locations with a pen or penciland drill pilot holes.
  4.  Insert wall anchorsand screws, tighten most of the way leaving a slight gap.
  5. Attach theHolder by lining up the keyholes and the screws, slide down to lock in place.
  6.  Tighten screws to secure the Handheld Dryer Wall Holder.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Size Color Material
H14 12 x 3 x 4.5 in Black Iron
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