Maxshine Hose Wall Holder for Car Dryer
Maxshine Hose Wall Holder for Car Dryer
Model : H17

Product Introduction


Securely stores your Car Dryer hose to keep your work area neat and organized
Made from durable steel with an exquisite painted finish for a luxurious look
Sleek, waterproof, and convenient design that prevents the hose from getting tangled or damaged
Easy installation, access, and use




Never let your Car Dryer hose get in the way again with our sturdy wall mount bracket. This universal style bracket is made from high-quality steel and features a sleek, waterproof design that will add a touch of luxury to any garage or shop wall.


* Does not include Car Dryer or Car Dryer Wall Mount

Mounting instructions with included hardware:

Determine desired location where you wish to install the Single/Twins Motor Touchless Car Dryer.

Using a level, make sure that the holder is flat and level against the wall.

Accurately mark the 3 anchor-hole locations and drill pilot holes.

Insert wall anchors and screws.

Wrap the Car Dryer hose around the holder arm and secure nozzle in the provided hole.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Color Dimension and weight
H17 Black Painted Steel 40.4 (L) x 34.9(W) x 5.85 (H) cm
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