Maxshine Microfiber Coating Applicator
Maxshine Microfiber Coating Applicator
Model : 9011020

Product Introduction

Ergonomic design, finger style coating applicator
Perfect for intricate areas, designed for use on all surfaces
Smooth and even coverage, makes application comfortable
Great with any coating, sealant, or wax



Apply product to applicator and then apply to surface as specified on product.



MaxShine’s Microfiber Coating Applicator is ideal for coating large areas, hard to access spaces, as well as complex shaped surfaces. Whether it is protecting paint, conditioning leather, restoring trim, waxing gelcoat, or sealing marine wood, the high-quality microfiber applicator will provide even and smooth coverage. The ergonomic shape improves grip making any application quick and comfortable.

Take your best car wax and the right applicator and you’ll have a pairing for perfect protection; no need to take out your polishers. Whether providing a car detail service or doing your own auto detailing, MaxShine has what you need in Applicators. Comprised of various materials with assorted grip styles, you can use MaxShine Applicators to not just wax, but even create an enhanced interior car detail. Detailers do their job right with MaxShine.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Size Contents Color
9011020 10cm W x 12.5 cm L (2pcs) Microfiber Applicators Grey
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