Wool Cutting Pad
Wool Cutting Pad
Model: 2061080RW & 2061125RW & 2061150RW

Product Introduction

Knitted wool pads offered by Maxshine are of 100% wool content, the customized manufacturing technics produces

the material in consistant fiber thickness, nap-height and density, less linting, ensure the pad in uniform quality, unlike the variances that can occur with some natural sheepskin pads. Premium performance on abrasive action and heat- ressistance. Working with high-cut wax to aggressively remove scratches and o xid, reduces the swirls and leaves a gloss finish Style Options: 1.Bevel Edge(Popular) 2.Straight Edge.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Size Color Material
2061080RW Φ80*(10+8)mm Red 100% Wool
2061125RW Φ125*(10+13)mm
2061150RW Φ150*(10+13)mm
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