Maxshine Ultra-Plush Microfiber Car Wash Sponge
Maxshine Ultra-Plush Microfiber Car Wash Sponge
Model: 1140003B

Product Introduction


  • Extra thick/Absorbent memory foam pad: Pick up and remove all dust, dirt and road grime from the painted finish. The thick memory foam pad inside retains the shape of the sponge allowing it to absorb tons of water and suds.
  • Extremely safe/ Effective: Used for wet and dry application. This wash sponge wont trap large contaminates avoiding creating more scratches in the painted finish. It easily removes dirt, dust, road contaminates and industrial fallout from the vehicle.
  • Easy grip/Comfort: The size of our Ultra-Plush Microfiber sponge is easy to grip and helps speed up the car wash process.
  • Made of highest quality materials: The unique microfiber weave wrapped around the sponge pad are stitched together tightly. Making it easier than before to wash your car, truck, SUV and boat.
  • Easy care/Reusable: Machine washable microfiber wash mitt.


Maxshine Ultra-Plush Microfiber Car Wash Sponge traps and removes dirt, dust, and debris and will safely clean the surface. Using this high-quality wash sponge ensures you won’t have more scratches and swirls when you are done washing. Ergonomic size is easy to grasp with the palm of your hand offers extreme comfort. The microfiber used for this sponge is safe on all surfaces and effective with dry and wet applications.


1.Fill your wash buckets with water adding 1-3 oz of Maxshine car wash shampoo.

2.Soak your wash pad in the soapy water, rinse your car of with pressurized water.

3.Gently in a back & fourth motion agitate the surface.

4.Rinse your wash sponge and return it to the soap bucket for more suds and lubrication.

5.When the car is clean rinse off the left-over suds and dry it with a microfiber.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Color Size Material
1140003B Brown 9.36*5.07*2.93 inches. Microfiber
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