Polish Removal Microfiber Towel 380GSM
Polish Removal Microfiber Towel 380GSM
Model: 1240405Y/1240605Y

Product Introduction

The thick, dense microfiber weave is luxurious and functional! Gold&Blue Zero Crazy Edgeless Microfiber Towel is perfect for buffing, one side is plush high pile loop, another side is short pile loop, because it has a deep pile where dirt and dust can accumulate away from the paint, rather than being rubbed into the paint. Gold&Blue Zero Crazy Edgeless microfiber towel will never scratch your surface and have flush edges. Truly 100% microfiber  with NO EDGES.

Fabric Blend: 80% Polyester – 20% Polyamide – 100% Microfiber

Package including: 5 pcs/pack

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Color Thickness Size
1240405Y Yellow 380g/m² 40*40cm
1240605Y Yellow 380g/m² 40*60cm
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