Maxshine 12×12 Microfiber Edgeless Utility Towel
Maxshine 12×12 Microfiber Edgeless Utility Towel
Model: 1103030G

Product Introduction


  • Durable Enough for the Dirtiest Jobs, Soft Enough for Delicate
  • Lint-Free, Edgeless Design to Eliminate RoughStitching
  • MachineWashable
  • Strong Decontamination and WaterAbsorption



Maxshine 12×12 Edgeless Utility Towels offer high value durability and absorption for minimal cost, allowing you to utilize them without the guilt of ruining high value towels. The 12” x 12” edgeless towels are ultrasonically cut to achieve the softest edges possible, making them safe for all delicate surfaces.


The tight, densely woven 260GSM microfiber material is extremely absorbent, and make general purpose cleaning a breeze! Use them on the toughest, dirtiest jobs, or to generally wipe down surfaces after spills and applications.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Size Color Thickness Package including
1103030G 12”x12”/30x30cm Grey 260g/㎡ 50pcs/pack
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