• Taking care of your car

    Removable wire mesh intake covers design.
    They help to prevent wool fiber,

  • The ultimate towel for drying your vehicle
    Microfiber Towel

    Microfiber Towel
    is the ultimate towel for drying your vehicle.

  • Easily scrub and remove light dirt and grime
    Leather and Alcantara
    Cleaning Brush

    The Leather and Alcantara Cleaning Brush scrubs dust, dirt,
    and debris from carpets, floor mats, and upholstery.

  • The perfect addition to your garage

    Finest Polisher Holder gives you a holder on your polisher,
    provides space for all types of polishers

  • Suitable for a wide range of Pressure Washer Units on the Market
    Maxshine Snow Master
    Foam Cannon

    Car, Motorcycle, Floors, Windows, Driveways, Roofs, Siding washing etc. Ideal for Professional and enthusiast alike.

  • The single motor car dryer packs a large punch in a small body
    Maxshine Hurricane
    Car Dryer

    Equipped with a 5.5HP Motor and the capability of eliminating
    those frustrating water drips from the body of the vehicle.

  • Quick color controller-3 color
    MaxShine’s LED
    Swirl Finder Pro

    Before use, charge the Swirl Finder Pro
    with the provided USB charging cable until fully charged

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Maxshine are a professional company who specializes in the development of the long throw dual action polishers and other detailing tools

In Pursuit Of Automotive Perfection Since 2006
Polishers and Other Auto Detailing Products
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